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Web Design

My web designs fees are typically a flat rate. This helps avoid confusion for my clients and allows for transparent pricing. My web design rates START at $350 for personal or non-profit and $500 for businesses. These prices are my minimum charges. Email me for a price catered to your specific needs.

The process begins when you contact me, or vice versa, and we discuss your needs and what you are looking for. I will then take your information and return with a flat rate bid and estimated time of completion.

Once the price has been agreed upon a deposit of 50% is required before I will begin any type of work. A unique mockup will be designed specifically for you and presented for acceptance, modifications or rejection. We work together until you are satisfied.

NOTE: Please understand, in advance, that multiple modifications may extend the completion deadline.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project.

My prices DO NOT include SEO, SSL, obtaining a domain name, hosting of your site, or implementation.


If you need help with purchasing a domain name, I am more than happy to help you obtain one. The fee will be set once I check the registrar to see if it's available. You must submit payment for the domain and then I will obtain it for you.


I have been collaborating with Never-Enuff for nearly 20 years. I have a good rapport with this company. When I need hosting set up quickly, they get it done. My projects are a priority to them. I have been hosted by Never-Enuff since the inception of my first weblog. Prior to that they were my ISP. They still provide all my internet services. I have been a loyal customer for years becasue they are reliable and resolve issues, if/when they arise, quickly. If you choose to host your website with Never Enuff your design will be implemented at no additional charge.

Graphic and Logo Design

Pricing to come.

Hourly Rate

There are times when a client's needs go beyond my ability to assess a fair flat rate. Should your needs fall under this category I charge $50/hour for my services. You will be made aware of this and we will come to an agreement prior to me starting any project.

Website Maintenance

I do assist clients with website maintenance, changes and updates to content. The minimum fee for this is $50. Flat pricing for these services are determined by the amount of changes that need to be made. You may email me for a bid.

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