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I love to play many types of games. Board games, computer games, video games, etc. I've decided that I will share some games here. I hope you enjoy them!

I have many game addictions. I'm a veteran player of Runescape. You can find me on there as Zarahs. You can find me in a lot of different games under usernames of Zarahs and/or Hime. Look me up! Add me as a friend! I play many types of games from word games, strategy games, mindless time killing games and puzzles of all sorts. With that said, let the fun and the games begin!

I also tend to be a jokester who likes to play harmless pranks on occasion as well. I've become a bit predictable and when something quirky happens at the office that has been set up by me I'll hear, "SHARA! What did you do?!? Come fix...." insert whatever I playfully broke temporarily haha Look at my page of pranks and give them a try, if you dare!

DISCLAIMER: If you break something playing a prank you do so at your own risk. I'm not tech support and will not be held responsible for your shenanigans. If you don't know how to fix something before you attempt it, I suggest you DO NOT TRY IT!



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