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The Geek in Me

Screen Orientation

Did you know you can change the orientation on a computer screen? I learned this many years ago and pranked my officer manager by causing everything on her screen to display upside down! You can actually change the orientation of the screen to display in any direction left, right, upside down and, of course, correctly. To adjust the way your screen displays you simply hold Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key ←↑↓→. The arrow key you select determines the display orientation of the screen. Have fun with this!

Elgoog Rorrim

This is another fun prank. Someone looking over your shoulder needs you to look something up. Go to Google and type in elgoog then search for whatever they need. If you're bored you can use this to just kill time searching for various things and reading the mirrored site.

Desktop Wallpapers

You can have a lot of fun playing with people's desktop wallpapers. Take a screenshot of their desktop and make it the wallpaper and then move the icons around and they wont know which ones to click on to make things work! Make it even more conofusing by hiding the taskbar and the icons where nothing works and it seems the computer is frozen! Make the screensaver a Windows Update screenshot so they sit forever waiting for the computer to finish updating! More about changing their wallpaper to "The Blue Screen of Death"!

Cursors and Sounds

Wallpapers are not the only thing you can change on someone's computer for a fun prank. Try changing the regular arrow pointer to the waiting cursor making it seem like the computer is constantly working and waiting to finish a task. Have fun with the sounds too. Get creative. Make your own sounds!

The Spacebar Types "Space"!

You can make anyone's spacebar type the word "space".

It's pretty simple. Just create a new AutoHotkey script! Open Notepad on a Windows computer

and insert the following lines of code into Notepad on a Windows computer: Then right-click on the script and compile it to an executable before putting it on their computer. Stick it somewhere on their PC, launch it, and watch the fun! Shortly after this prank you should probably consider letting your victim know that you pulled a prank on them. As you might imagine, the space bar tends to be used often.

Wireless Mouse and/or Keyboard

Plug in a wireless mouse and/or keyboard and have some control over their computer and have a good laugh while they try to figure out what is going on!


Add deliberate typos to autocorrect! Change words that are used quite often to something silly. Replace "and" with "almond" or some other word that doesn't make sense! Replace their name with something random so when they sign an email instead of their name it's replaced with "Oatmeal Cookie"!

Desktop Icons and Task Scheduler

Change the program that desktop icons open! Have notepad open command prompt or task manager! Set a random program to open at a crazy time by setting it up in task scheduler.

Less Technical But Still Funny

Blinding Post-It

A strategically placed Post-It on the bottom side of a mouse can cause some hilarious frustration that's fun to watch.



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