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I had a blog "Shara's Ramblings" long before blogs were a thing. I created a number of different skins/themes and even the ability for the user to change the skins/themes. I had games like Lemonade and I had a drag and drop dress up skin (like the old paper dolls people used to play with) as well as a lot of other really cool things people could choose from and play with when they visited my site. I was never happy with ordinary or common. I always strove to be different and add a touch of my own flair to each design and website I worked on. After blogger I used WordPress and then moved on to Expression Engine. I stuck with Expression Engine for a long time paying the annual fee for their CMS and then one day I came across Joomla and switched to that. My domains changed over the years as well. I started with then switched to for a while and finally settled on around 2012.

I began playing around with images and graphic programs in the early 2000's. I started by making custom email stationery and email signature tags. From there I branched off into other areas like creating my own background images, buttons, bars, dividers and other custom web graphics. I put a lot of time and effort in to my designs. Selecting images, creating graphics and choosing fonts carefully so that when everything comes together it's my own personal work of art. When I started noticing some of my work on other sites I realized having skills to create images worthy of stealing meant I was making some really good stuff and began to seriously consider going into business and Designs By Shara was born.

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