About Me

I created my first HTML web page back in 1999.  Pages were pretty bland and unimpressive back then but I learned whatever I could like how to add backgrounds, photos and images.  From there I learned to embed different things like audio and flash files and other media.  I have continued to learn over the past 20 years and have done my best to keep up with changing technology.   I have added other design languages like PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, to name a few.


I have worked with a variety for CMS platforms from Blogger to WordPress.  Contact me for a comprehensive list of CMS' I have worked with.  I'm currently using Joomla (have been for the past 10 years) but I'm considering giving Drupal a try just for something different.  I remember being told back in 2004/2005 that I couldn't do something in WordPress.  I don't like being told I cannot do something or that a platform can't do what I want.  I wrote my own code and inserted it to make WordPress comments do what I wanted!


I had a blog "Shara's Ramblings" long before blogs were a thing and created a number of different skins and even the ability for the user to change the skins.  I had games like Lemonade and I had a drag and drop dress up skin as well as a lot of other really cool things people could choose from and play with when they visited my site.  I was never happy with ordinary or common.  I always strove to be different and add a touch of my own flair to each design.


I've had customers, throughout the years, on different continents, from many different countries and from West to East in the States.  I've worked for churches, boroughs, fire departments, EMS, Ambulance, eBay stores, eCommerce stores, people, businesses and organizations. 


I began playing around with images and graphic programs in the early 2000's.  I started by making custom email stationery and email signature tags.  From there I branched off into other areas like creating background images some tiling seamlessly and others fixed and custom web graphics.  I put a lot of time and effort in to my designs.  Selecting images, creating graphics and choosing fonts carefully so that when everything comes together it's my own personal work of art.


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